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Poetry asks that we reshape ourselves, and in that reshaping discover the sacredness of what surrounds us. It lies everywhere and in everything   — Don Domanski    

This retreat is an invitation to open to the sacredness within and without and express it through poetry, the language of the heart. Meditative practices will relax our bodies, still our minds, and allow a flow of writing on the page. We’ll have an opportunity to engage in free verse and experiment with some easy-to-write forms such as haiku, with an excursion outside to the grounds St. Mary’s peaceful cemetery. Our day will open awareness, creativity, and new avenues of joyful expression in a heart-centred community of poets at all levels of experience.     

Lorraine Gane is a poet, writer, teacher, editor, and mentor. Over the past thirty years, she has discovered ways to help writers at all levels open to their truest expression and she enjoys offering holistic ways to cultivate this through workshops, as well as in online courses, consultations, and mentoring. Opening to the sacred has been an integral part of Lorraine’s writing journey, both in her poetry and prose. Among her poetry collections are Even the Slightest Touch Thunders on My Skin, The Blue Halo, and The Way the Light Enters. She is completing a fourth poetry collection and a writing book.