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What is the relation of death to our spiritual lives?  How does the prospect of death inform or shape our spiritual ideas and practices?  Have our beliefs or assumptions about death shifted as we have aged and come nearer to death?  How might spirituality help us to have a good death?  How might it help us to live through the deaths of others?  How does the imminence of death sharpen our sense of what our life is and could be?  

Join us for an evening of respectful listening and conversation as we discuss the relation of death and spirituality, seeking to understand ourselves and others. 

Each month, on the 2nd Tuesday evening, we explore together a particular topic related to spiritual life. We listen carefully and respectfully, and share from our hearts and our own experience some of the deeper aspects of living meaningfully.

We welcome participants from all spiritual and religious backgrounds as well as those without spiritual or religious affiliation.

There is no charge to attend, however your donation towards the upkeep of this historic, sacred site will be gratefully accepted. Donations may be made as outlined on our home page.

Please register in advance, as it helps with planning. However, those who have not registered are most welcome. Please register by clicking on the link below. Some browsers disable the clickable link; in that case send an email to to register.

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