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Sacred Circle Dancefacilitated by Gale Hingston, assisted by Lottie Devindisch, will  invite participants to celebrate Spring in all its fullness....the casting out of darkness celebrating the increasing light, the fertility of the earth, birth, new growth, new beginnings, beauty and color, increasing warmth, energy and vitality, love, and commitment.

CIRCLE DANCE is the oldest form of dance known and has been a part of community life in many cultures throughout the world since the earliest of times.  Dances were used to mark special occasions eg. weddings, births, deaths; times during the agricultural cycle; for ritual and worship; to connect humanity with nature and the divine.  The drum was one of the first instruments used to accompany the dance...the heartbeat of life.  In the book of Psalms, it is written:  "Praise His name with dancing; singing praises with timbrel and harp, strings and flute." 

At the end of the 19th century people were becoming aware that many of the traditional dances were being lost and forgotten.  However, a resurgence of interest to remember these dances and keep them alive began. Bernhard Wosien (a German dance teacher) travelled throughout E. Europe to gather local traditional dances.  He felt these dances had "special energies" that would heal the rift between humanity, the earth, and our roots.  In 1976 he was invited to share these dances at Findhorn, Scotland, a spiritual farming community.  SACRED CIRLE DANCE emerged and had a profound affect upon the people living there.  As people left the community, they took the dances with them and, in sharing them, these sacred dances now form an important part of the life of people throughout the world. 

Some of these dances are traditional, others newly choreographed, inspired by the abundance of music available. June Watts, a pupil of Bernhard Wosien at Findhorn wrote:  SACRED CIRCLE DANCE is a gentle healing way of bringing mind, body, and spirit together.  It relieves stress, releases creative energy, promotes centeredness and connectedness.  Bernhard Wosien wrote:  One has to dance them and be totally present to discover their meaning and healing power, the way to Oneness. Sacred Circle Dance is inclusive of age and gender.  It is meditative.  It is simple steps and movement around a focal center point.  It is intentional attentiveness, an offering.  We usually hold hands during the dance and afterwards stand in silence to reflect on images and feelings produced...the essence of the dance.

Gale Hingston studied contemporary dance at SFU and participated in contemporary and improvisational community classes in Nelson and SSI. She has attended Sacred Circle Dance with June Watts and Sacred Circle Dance on Salt Spring, and on Vancouver Island.  “I have found the dancing to be personally and spiritually fulfilling, prayerfully healing, and sometimes revealing.”  Please bring soft indoor shoes or socks.

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Cost is $15, payable on arrival.