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Marcia Burton is offering a series of workshops through the Star of the Sea. Each workshop is organized around a theme that naturally arises in relationship. Her intention is to facilitate a community of people who are interested in cultivating self-awareness, building kindness and friendship, and learning skills to support others to do the same.

This time of year our energy naturally wants to pull inward to rest. As we approach the holidays, our energy gets pulled outward with activity and the excitement of celebrations. This workshop is an opportunity to slow down and to explore some of our inner landscape, to discover what helps us to quiet the mind……and what inner obstacles we may have in place that interrupt our ability to feel calm and soothed.

In a warm and welcoming atmosphere, we will use a combination of self-reflection practices and exercises in pairs or small groups to discover new information about our relationship to quieting the mind.

Hakomi is a word from the Hopi language, meaning, “How do I stand in relation to these many realms”.  The creator of the Hakomi Method, Ron Kurtz, spent over 40 years refining this method and received a Lifetime Achievement Award and honourary degree from the American Association of Body-Psychotherapists. 

Marcia Burton has been a student of Hakomi for 25 years and worked closely with Ron Kurtz for the last 5 years of his life. She has been a Hakomi Trainer since 2009 and lives and plays on the ancestral lands of the Coast Salish peoples, on Salt Spring Island.

Star of the Sea requests registration for this event. Please register by clicking on the link below. Some browsers disable the clickable link; in that case send an email to to register. 

Cost: $25, payable at the beginning of the session by cash or cheque made out to “Anglican Parish of SSI”. Pyament in advance by Interac e-transfer to Please write “STAR of the SEA” in the message box. No security question is needed. 

Participants are asked to bring indoor footwear (slippers, socks, whatever) since shoes are removed at the door. Please bring your own drinking water since the potable water system isn't available in the church at present. 

Click here to register.