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Qigong - Portal to Awareness

Qigong is an ancient Chinese self-healing art and energy cultivation system that uses a series of gentle, focused exercises for the mind and body. The system combines slow Tai Chi-like movements, breath work, static postures, self-massage, visualization and meditation to enhance the flow of qi—vital energy or life energy—throughout the body, increasing overall quality of life and improving flexibility and immune function. The practice of Qigong enables the honing of the usually scattered mind into a focused mind, helping to rediscover one’s natural energy, harmony and wholeness—Qigong as portal to Awareness. The day will be facilitated by Purna-Ma, a devoted and passionate teacher and practitioner of Qigong and Tai Chi for 28 years, who is committed to an ongoing meditation practice. The workshop will consist of various dynamic and quiescent Qigong practices, together with standing and sitting meditation and techniques of self- massage. Participants will learn how to create a daily, personal, simple Qigong practice, opening the door to its many benefits, and the profound inner medicine available to us all.  

Registration Required - [email protected]

Cost - $30 at the door