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PORTALS INTO CONSCIOUSNESS: A few shamanic, scientific and ‘real magic’ principles and practices to help with life’s challenges.  byMarilyn Walker, PhD  This fun, fast-paced presentation and interactive workshop challenges some of our most treasured beliefs about ourselves and our universe, offering innovative solutions to personal challenges in the seen and unseen worlds.How can we can tell who’s going to phone us before the phone even rings? Why do we pray and how can our prayers be more effective? How may the burning of sacred plants carry awareness from the subconscious to the conscious and the supraconscious, and why are trees sacred in so many traditions? What’s a quick way to find lost keys? What do rattles and drums do? Why do spells and how are they broken? What are intention and intentionality? And how can we find a parking space through the art of non-looking? In many cultures, past and present, telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition and psychokinesis are commonly accepted. Yet conventional western science (which once believed the earth is flat!) restricts itself to studying observable phenomena in the physical world. The new sciences, however, explore consciousness in ways that many traditional cultures take for granted, supporting the idea common to the new sciences, shamanism and magic that everything is deeply connected. We explore these new/old ideas through such scientific institutions as the 3rd law of Sir Isaac Newton: “for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction.” Shamans use a mirror to deflect or reflect harmful thoughts, actions or intrusions; Celtic magicians used the silver branch. And the Vatican’s exorcist, Father Gabriel Amorth who died in 2016, performed tens of thousands of exorcisms. Now, magic, shamanism and the new sciences are coalescing in their perspectives to become portals and pathways into consciousness.…………………………………………………………………………………………………..As with the sciences, Marilyn Walker’s academic discipline of anthropology, has undergone a major shift from the restrictive ideas of the first anthropologist Tylor (1832-1917) who called magic “a monstrous farrago…” and of R.F. Spencer in the 1950s who consigned shamanism to “a disciplinary dustbin”. Her own research and many publications in shamanism and traditional knowledge in Siberia, Mongolia, India, Southeast Asia, the Arctic and Subarctic of Canada, and the Tibetan Bön tradition align with, and contribute to, current studies in consciousness.  She is now Professor Emeritus from Mount Allison University, retired to her Salt Spring home and studio. This is her second workshop for Star Of The Sea.


Cost:  $30 payable at the door

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