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 One of the most vital things we can do, especially during these times, is to attune to our Hearts, the core of our being. Here the mental noise subsides and we feel a pervading peace, love, joy, and harmony. We also have access to a great reservoir of creativity that is available for any purpose.

Our focus during this two-hour retreat is to listen deeply to what’s ready to be expressed on the page. This may be the joy and wonder of nature or the fear and challenges we are moving through during this tumultuous time. As we acknowledge and express these, we come into deeper intimacy with ourselves, which often transmutes the feelings into acceptance, understanding, and grace.  This will be our aim during this retreat.

We’ll start with meditative practices to bring the head into the heart and open to a flow of writing. More directed writing sessions will follow, allowing deep access to the creative well. Throughout the session, participants will open to writing with more depth, awareness, and authenticity in a supportive, heart-centered circle of writers at all levels of experience.  

Lorraine Gane is a poet, writer, teacher, editor, and mentor. Over the past thirty years, she has discovered ways to help writers at all levels open to their truest expression and she enjoys offering holistic ways to cultivate this through workshops, as well as in online courses, consultations, and mentoring. Among her poetry collections are Even the Slightest Touch Thunders on My Skin, The Blue Halo, and The Way the Light Enters. She is completing a fourth poetry collection and a writing book. Lorraine's website

Please Register to receive the Zoom link for the retreat. If you have not used Zoom before, go to Zoom, click on Sign Up for Free and download the app to your device. A few minutes before the start of the retreat, click on the link you received in your registration confirmation to enter the Zoom room. We will be there to welcome you.