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This group has been playing and performing devotional music for some years now: Marilyn (Em) Walker on guitar, percussion, vocals; Edgar Hann on button accordion; Adam Huber on guitar, vocals; Michael Aronoff on bass guitar; Ojima Clarke on keyboard; and a tabla player/drummer.

 They draw on various spiritual and cultural traditions and faiths - Christian, Tibetan, Hindu, gospel, Celtic and folk - and from various artists both traditional and contemporary - Krishna Das, Emmy Lou Harris, Dolly Parton and others. A performance might include Amazing Grace, Drifting Too Far From The Shore, Krishna Das' My Foolish Heart, and so on while kirtan such as Sri Radhe Shyam can be sung as call and response.

 The blend combines the musicians’ personal backgrounds in spirituality and religion while opening up new venues of devotion for the audience.