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Star of the Sea is once again offering Deepening into Aging with JayaLynda Cole.  This will be the third series of four half days, meeting twice a month.  Although this is a continuation of the previous series, it is open to newcomers and returnees.  After the first session, the group will be closed in order to deepen the shared intimacy and trust among participants.  Anyone attending is asked to commit to the series.

Although this is the sixth offering of Deepening into Aging, each gathering is different.  Any sharing is confidential and there is no expectation for everyone to speak.  JayaLynda’s approach is rooted in embodied presence, creating a safe, sacred place where soul lessons can be harvested – from one’s experience rather than spiritual concepts.  The “work” comes from multiple spiritual traditions where the underlying theme is to embrace Love.

There is a powerful transformation that takes place as we age.  Aging can be a portal to a deeper, wiser and richer experience of life where we are given opportunities for a new blossoming.  Beliefs, perspectives, attachments, identities, behaviours may evolve as we become more awareness of our wholeness and conscious -- wise elders.

As a participant, while resting in the mystery, you will allow “what is” without minimizing the apparent losses and the ‘fierceness’ of aging.  You will befriend emotions and discomfort as allies of surrender – letting-in as opposed to letting-go.  You will identify positive traits that aging draws from you.  Guided meditations and contemplations will serve to transmute and deepen the ‘knowing’ of your natural state of awareness. There is a powerful relational aspect to being in a group like this.  The orientation becomes not only about the individual but about the collective, the field, the whole of humanity.  It is a rare and privileged opportunity.

Our world needs wise elders more than ever. Join us, connect with your own source of guidance and inspiration along with others on this path to wisdom.  

JayaLynda Cole has worked professionally with individuals and groups in various capacities:  non-traditional transformational counselling-therapy, teaching, meditation, satsang, intuitive energy and body healing including several years with Eckhart Tolle Teachings - always with a focus on the whole being, the integration of the personal and the transpersonal, and  embodying  spiritual teachings. Since retiring, her focus has been volunteering with SSI Hospice facilitating individual and group sessions with the dying and the grieving as well as facilitating Death Cafes.


Registration Required:    [email protected]  

Cost:    $80 for the series at the door at the first session