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The Language of Life: Transformation through Compassionate Communication

After many years as a Teacher-librarian Laura Dafoe faced a crossroads. Seeking to learn peaceful practices for everyday communication Laura was drawn to the work of Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication.  

Nonviolent Communication, also known as Compassionate Communication, began in the 60s and has become a global movement. The term nonviolence comes from Gandhi’s translation of the Sanskrit word “ahimsa” which means the complete absence of violence in our words, thoughts and actions.  It is central to many world religions including Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism.  

Rosenberg’s desire to understand love and contribute to peace on the planet led to his specific approach to communication. The spirituality embodied in Nonviolent Communication helps us to connect to our common humanity and our natural state of compassion. The format guides us to understand our inner being in connection with the greater universe.  This understanding allows us to live from the Divine energy we are created out of.  The process is simple yet transformational.   

Laura’s quest for peaceful language has become her vocation. In 2014-2016 Laura collaborated with three friends on Salt Spring Island who share her passion; together they developed and taught a course called Successful Communication.  The course integrates the arts and science of communication by bringing awareness to how language is generated based on our internal emotional state, our thoughts, beliefs and assumptions.  We may not think of ourselves as “violent” but often words delivered in trying situations can be hurtful. With mindfulness, intention and concrete skills we can communicate in ways that bring mutual understanding and deeper connection.  

Laura believes enhancing communication skills contributes profoundly to healthy relationships, healthy communities and ultimately global peace. She is committed to the life-long learning and practice of Nonviolent Communication.  Her studies include emotional intelligence, mindfulness and interpersonal neurobiology.  Laura’s First Nations heritage inspired her study of Indigenous restorative justice practices and peace making circles.  She applies this learning in her volunteer work with Restorative Justice Salt Spring Island.  

Laura will guide participants through the principles, process and practice of Nonviolent Communication.  There will be opportunities for introspection and using acquired tools in a safe, nonjudgmental place of learning. Laura will help you to align the practical and spiritual power of language.


Cost: $30 at the door

Registration required - [email protected]