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Barb Slater and Kevin Wilkie will present an inclusive, relaxed and reverent environment for all voices to come together, singing chants and rounds from many traditions. We end with a 5 minute silent meditation.  

Kevin and Barbara met en route to Haida Gwaii forty years ago, both seeking solace and adventure. Kevin sang and played guitar and Barbara was discovering her voice on the wild west coast, singing to the ocean. Their musical journey together has helped sustain them through raising of a family and running a business; and remains a source of joy. Currently their loves are: leading sacred song circles, singing with their group of Scotts singers, performing for the elders of our community and singing for the dying. Singing has been such a healing balm for them that they are grateful to offer it to others.

Kevin Wilkie and Barbara Slater lead UBUNTU Sacred Song Circles, a group of people dedicated to singing for the benefit of all beings. Singing is a way of being together  and expressing emotion without being bound by the story of what we are feeling. Singing in circle provides a container for the feelings that arise. The sound that is generated by the group   is the healing medicine that we require. Kevin and Barbara provide an inclusive, safe place for all voices to express themselves. They create a relaxed and reverent environment singing rounds and chants from many traditions ending with a 5 minute silent meditation.

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